about Summit

Established by Fukuoka City in 1994, the Asian-Pacific City Summit (APCS) is a platform for international leaders. The Summit functions as an opportunity for city leaders from the Asia-Pacific region to gather under one roof to create cooperative relationships. It is an ideal chance to build and expand networks for further urban development by sharing best practices for solving urban issues and openly exchanging opinions.

About the Asian-Pacific City Summit

The Asian-Pacific City Summit (APCS) has to date held 13 Mayors Conferences.
At the 1st Session of the APCS, there were 21 member cities, however, by July 2022, this number had increased to 33 cities from 15 countries, and the network of the City Summit is expanding.

The main achievements of the APCS so far include: using the Summit as an opportunity to establish sister city or friendship city relationships with participating cities; establishing a new international institution in the Asian-Pacific region; and exporting new technology to help solve urban issues.