The 10th Working-Level Conference

The 10th Working-Level Conferencephoto

Duration of the Conference

  • December 17 - December 18, 2014

Host city

  • Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Kingdom of Thailand

Theme of Plenary Session

  • Balanced Life and Sustainable Living

Theme of Subsessions

  • 1. Aging Society
  • Presentation from participating cities: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (Thailand), Dalian City (China), Fukuoka City (Japan), Kitakyushu City (Japan), Kagoshima City (Japan), Kuala Lumpur City (Malaysia), Busan Metropolitan City (Korea), Gwangyang City (Korea)

  • 2. Accessibility and Equity to the Public Resources
  • Presentation from participating city: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (Thailand)

Keynote Speaker

    • "Accessibility and Equity to the Public Resources"
    • Ms Mariko Sato, Chief
    • United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) Bangkok


Wednesday, December 17
    • Opening Ceremony (Welcome Speech, etc.)
    • Keynote Speech
    • Presentation by Participating Cities
    • Summary of the Conference
    • Address by Asian-Pacific City Summit Secretariat
Thursday, December 18
    • City Tour


    The Sukosol Bangkok


  • 13 cities from 5 countries

Language Used

  • Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean


    • Participating organization: UN-HABITAT Bangkok
    • Participating cities: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (Thailand), Busan Metropolitan City (Korea), Dalian City (China), Fukuoka City (Japan), Guangzhou City (China), Gwangyang City (Korea), Ipoh City (Malaysia), Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (Korea), Kagoshima City (Japan), Kitakyushu City (Japan), Kuala Lumpur City (Malaysia), Kumamoto City (Japan), Pohang City (Korea)
The 10th Working-Level Conferencephoto1 The 10th Working-Level Conferencephoto2 The 10th Working-Level Conferencephoto3