The 11th Asian-Pacific City Summit

The 11th Asian-Pacific City Summitメイン写真

Duration of the Conference

  • Thursday, October 31 to Saturday, November 2, 2013

Host City

  • Kumamoto City, Japan

Main Theme

  • Initiatives for Livable City Development - Realizing a community where citizens can live and work safely and comfortably -

Subsession Themes

Keynote Speeches

    Keynote Speech: "UN-Habitat & Making a Livable City"

    Mr. Yoshinobu Fukasawa, Director of UN-Habitat Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific - Fukuoka

    Special Keynote Speech

    Mr. Julián Castro, Mayor of San Antonio City, Texas, USA


Thursday, October 31Morning

    Welcome Reception

Friday, November 1Morning

    The 11th Asian-Pacific City Summit


    The 11th Asian-Pacific City Summit

Saturday, November 2Morning

    City Tour


    City Tour



    Hotel Nikko Kumamoto (Kumamoto City, Japan)


  • 24 cities, 110 people (including observer cities)

Representative of Participating Cities

<Member Cities: 16 cities>

  • Auckland City / Manager of International Relations
  • Bangkok Metropolitan Administration / Chairman of Advisers to Governor of Bangkok
  • Busan Metropolitan City / Vice Mayor for Economic Affairs
  • Fukuoka City / Mayor
  • Gwangyang City / Mayor
  • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region / Deputy Director of Planning/Territorial Planning Department
  • Ipoh City / Director of Landscape Department
  • Kagoshima City / Deputy Mayor 
  • Kitakyushu City / Deputy Mayor
  • Kumamoto City / Mayor
  • Miyazaki City / Vice Mayor
  • Nagasaki City / Deputy Mayor
  • Oita City / Mayor
  • Pohang City / Vice Mayor
  • Republic of Singapore / Deputy Director of Centre for Liveable Cities, Ministry of National Development
  • Vladivostok City / Head of International Relations and Tourism Department

<Observer Cities: 8 cities>

  • Friendship / Sister cities of Kumamoto City etc.


Language Used

  • English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

Joint Declaration : Kumamoto Declaration

Through the sharing of presentations and opinions at the 11th Asian-Pacific City Summit, we recognized that though the main policies of each participating city often differ due to their own particular stages of development and originality, the effort to realize a livable environment together with the local citizens forms the basis of city administration. Moreover, because the fields that play a part in livable city development are diverse, we are aware that its promotion requires city empowerment, the cooperation between related organs and institutions as well as teamwork between cities.


With this awareness, we recognize that all cities participating at the 11th Asian-Pacific City Summit are engaged in a variety of ‘hard’ technical initiatives such as compact urban development, enhancement of infrastructure and housing, disaster prevention, as well as committed to non-technical or ‘soft’ initiatives such as regional community revitalization, health promotion, child support, education and cultural creation.


Thus, with clear advances in livability across the entire Asian-Pacific region as a common goal, we hereby declare the following:


  • 1. In order to create livable cities, participants shall share knowledge and expertise while pursuing the exchange of human resources and technology on both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ fronts.
  • 2. In order to create livable cities and encourage this goal, cooperation amongst various administrative bodies is only the first step; participants shall initiate collaborations with universities, research institutes, industries and citizens. 
  • 3. Aiming for balanced development across the Asian-Pacific region and parallel to the creation of livable cities, participants shall develop exchange programs in a variety of fields including environmental, welfare for aging society, economy, culture, and tourism to deepen and advance the relations of all member cities.


November 1st, 2013     

Kumamoto City, Japan  

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Contents of the Conference

  • At the 11th Asian-Pacific City Summit on November 1, 19 cities reported their efforts for "livable city development," and participants exchanged opinions. The summit ended successfully with an adoption of the Kumamoto Declaration, which set the common goal of creating a community where people of Asian-Pacific City region experience more livability.