The 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit

The 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit メイン写真

Duration of the Conference

  • Thursday, July 26 to Saturday, July 28, 2012

Host City

  • Pohang City, Republic of Korea

Main Theme

  • Urban Network Development for Low-carbon Green Growth

Subsession Themes

  • 1. City Renewal Policies through Specialized City Development and Waterfront Development
  • 2. Plans for Economic Cooperation between Cities Based on Environmentally Friendly Green Growth Industries
  • 3. Cases of Outstanding Policies for Low Carbon Green Development in Various Cities

Keynote Speeches

    • "The Role of a Research University to the Local Community"
    • Yongmin Kim, Professor and President of POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology)


Thursday, July 26, 2012Morning

    Welcome Reception

Friday, July 27, 2012Morning

    The 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit


    The 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit

Saturday, July 28, 2012Morning

    City Tour


    City Tour



    Philos Hotel (Pohang City, Republic of Korea)


  • 23 cities from 10 countries

Representative of Participating Cities

<Member Cities>

  • Changsha (China) / Deputy Mayor / Zhong Gang
  • Dalian (China) / Chairman, the CPPCC Dalian Committee / Liu Junwen
  • Guangzhou (China) / Deputy Secretary General / Wei Weihan
  • Jakarta (Indonesia) / Head, Conservation and Environment System Division / Rusman Erwin Sagala
  • Fukuoka (Japan) / Mayor / Soichiro Takashima
  • Kagoshima (Japan) / Mayor / Hiroyuki Mori
  • Kitakyushu (Japan) / Deputy Mayor / Kazuhide Umemoto
  • Kumamoto (Japan) / Mayor / Seishi Kohyama
  • Miyazaki (Japan) / Deputy Mayor / Kenji Kanemaru
  • Oita (Japan) / Mayor / Ban Kugimiya
  • Busan (Korea) / Ambassador & Vice Mayor for International Affairs / Kim Youn-kwon
  • Gwangyang (Korea) / Mayor / Lee Sung-woong
  • Jeju Province (Korea) / Executive Director, Free International City Bureau / Oh Seung-leek
  • Pohang (Korea) / Mayor / Park Seung-ho
  • Ipoh (Malaysia) / Chief, One Stop Centre Division / Wong Kam Lee
  • Vladivostok (Russia) / Deputy Mayor / Roman Vladimirovich Karmanov
  • Singapore / Associate Director, Centre for Liveable Cities / Julian Goh
  • Bangkok / Deputy Governor/ Vallop Suwandee


<Observer Cities>

  • Shenzhen (China)
  • Zhangjiakou (China)
  • Zhanjiang (China)
  • General Tinio (Philippines)
  • Ba Ria Vung Tau (Vietnam)

Language Used

  • Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English

Joint Declaration : The Pohang Declaration of the 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit

Based on the principles of the joint statement agreed at the working-level meeting held in Kagoshima, Japan in August, 2011 and with the participation of 23cities from 10 countries including the newest member of Changsha City, China, the 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit was hosted in Pohang City, the Republic of Korea on July 27, 2012 under the theme of “Urban Network Development for Low-carbon Green Growth.”


Member cities exchanged extensive opinions about eco-friendly city development in the global era, respected each city’s knowledge and experience, and agreed to develop themselves as sustainable cities.


At the 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit, all the participating cities pursued low carbon green growth-oriented city development, and based on mutual understanding and cooperation, they agreed to become core cities in the Asian-Pacific area. Thus, the Pohang Declaration is adopted as follows:


1. By the practice of low carbon and green growth, and the competition in good faith between member cities, we give a new boost to the Asian-Pacific area and try to develop as the center of the world having strong competitiveness in the international society.


2. We share outstanding policies, knowledge, information, and cases in a variety of areas including urban development and environmental issues based on low carbon green growth and promote active mutual exchange and cooperation in order to achieve the future prosperity and development


3. For balanced development in the Asian-Pacific area, we agree on the necessity of the exchange increase in not only environmental areas but also economic, culture, and tourism areas. In order to realize this, we cooperate with each other.


July 27, 2012

In Pohang City of the Republic of Korea 

The 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit photo1 The 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit photo3


    • The 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit Agenda

    • Item 1: Admission of Changsha City, People's Republic of China into the Asian-Pacific City Summit.
    • Item 2: A Mayor's Summit will be held in 2015, and the host city is Vladivostok City, Russian Federation.
    • Item 3: The host city for the conference in 2014 will be either Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Kingdom of Thailand or Changsha City, People's Republic of China. Both candidates have expressed their interest in hosting the conference in 2014. The host city will be decided by November 2012 through deliberation in writing.

Outline of the Conference

    • Based on an unanimous decision at the 9th Working-Level Conference in Kagoshima City in August 2011, the 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit opened with the main theme, "Urban Network Development for Low Carbon Green Growth." The Summit was held in Pohang City, Republic of Korea on July 27.

    • The approved agenda items are the following: the admission of Changsha City (China), the designation of either Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (Thailand) or Changsha City (China) as the host city for the 2014 conference, and the designation of Vladivostok City (Russia) as the host city for the Mayor's Summit in 2015 (See attachment "The 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit Agenda").

    • At the summit, 13 cities reported their efforts in dealing with various environmental issues. Among them, Miyazaki City suffered from an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in 2010, and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration experienced flooding last year. In a special session, the two cities gave presentations on how they recover from the damage. The participants listened intently to their presentations.

    • The summit successfully ended with an adoption of the Pohang Declaration. According to the declaration, participating cities will aim for low-carbon-green-growth-oriented city development, and will pursue the common goal of becoming the core cities in the Asian-Pacific region through reciprocal understanding and cooperation (See attachment "The Pohang Declaration of the 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit").