Asian-Pacific City Summit Newsletter No.41 March 2018 Edition

Ⅰ.  The 12th Asian-Pacific City Summit Website
Ⅱ.  News from UN-Habitat ROAP-Fukuoka (The sixteenth installment)
“The Ninth Session of the World Urban Forum: Sustainable Cities for All”

Asian-Pacific City Summit Newsletter No.40 December 2017 Edition

  • Contents
  • I.  The 12th Asian-Pacific City Summit
  • II. 2018 Marks the 150th Anniversary of the Meiji Restoration!
  • III.   News from UN-Habitat ROAP-Fukuoka (The fifteenth installment)
  • “The Asian Townscape Awards and Urban Development in the Asia-Pacific Region”

Asian-Pacific City Summit Newsletter No.39 September 2017 Edition



I.  UN-Habitat ROAP-Fukuoka Signs MOU to Co-host Summit

II. The 12th Asian-Pacific City Summit

III.  News from UN-Habitat ROAP-Fukuoka (The fourteenth installment)

“UN-Habitat ROAP-Fukuoka: A 20-Year History”

Asian-Pacific City Summit Newsletter No.38 June 2017 Edition



I.    A year on from the Kumamoto Earthquake (Article from Kumamoto City)

II.   News from UN-HABITAT ROAP-Fukuoka (The 13th installment)

Projects to achieve the "Sustainable Development Goals"

- Solomon Islands to reduce risks of climate change -

III.         2017 Fukuoka Prize (Article from Fukuoka City)

Asian-Pacific City Summit Newsletter No.37 March 2017 Edition

  • yangon37.jpg
  • Contents
  • I.    2018 Mayors Conference to be held in Fukuoka City
  • II.   News from UN-HABITAT ROAP-Fukuoka (The twelfth installment)
  • "United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) and the New Urban Agenda"
  • III.  Inscription on UNESCO's List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
  • (Article from Kitakyushu City and Fukuoka City)
  • IV. Sister City Relationship with Yangon City (Article from Fukuoka City)


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