Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangkok, the City of Angel was established as the Capital of Thailand in 1782 in the reign of King Rama I. Bangkok covers 1,568.74 sq. km and divided in to 50 district offices.

Geographically, Bangkok is located in the center of the country and also the center of administration, commerce and communication. It is an excellent stepping-off point of Thailand. Although the measured pace of old Siam (old country name) is now a thing of the past, the country’s rich cultural and natural heritage still survives.

Bangkok is one of popular destination of Asia as it offers an abundance of beautiful sites and attractions for tourists. The world famous Buddhist temples are including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Temple of Dawn. Besides, Grand Palace and Vimanmek Mansion (World Largest Golden Teak mansion) are also the highlight of famous tourist sites. Bangkok is a gateway to Indo-China and the other countries in South East Asia.


  • 5,674,843 persons (2012)

Number of Households

  • 2,459,680 households (2012)

Land Area

  • 1,568.74 km2 (2012)

Population Density

  • 3,617/km2 (2012)

Number of Employees per Industry

    • Primary Industry: 46%
    • Secondary Industry: 36%
    • Tertiary Industry: 18%

Annual Income per Capita

  • USD 16,833

Major Industries and Products

    Agriculture, Tourism, Finance and Manufacture

Major Projects

    • Adopt Bangkok Declaration on the Cooperation of Alleviating the Global Warming by setting up the 5 year action plan to reduce the Bangkok's future GHG Emission up to 15% through the implementation of activities under 5 initiatives;
    • (1) Expand Mass Transit and Improve Traffic Systems
    • (2) Promoting the Use of Renewable Energy
    • (3) Improve Building Electricity Consumption Efficiency
    • (4) Improve Solid Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment Efficiency
    • (5) Expand Green Area

Revenue of the city budget

  • Revenues of the State Budget: USD 511 million

Number of City Employees

  • 91,233 persons

Sister Cities (Countries), etc.

  • Washington D.C. (U.S.A), Beijing (People's Republic of China), Chaozhou (People's Republic of China), Guangzhou (People's Republic of China), Budapest (Republic of Hungary), Brisbane (Commonwealth of Australia), St. Petersburg (Russia Federation), Moscow (Russia Federation), Manila (Philippines), Jakarta (Republic of Indonesia), Hanoi (Socialist Republic of Vietnam), Vientiane (Lao People's Democratic Republic), Astana (Republic of Kazakhstan), Fukuoka (Japan), Seoul (Republic of Korea), Lausanne (Swiss Confederation), Angara (Republic of Turkey), Aichi (Japan), George Town (Malaysia), Tianjin (People's Republic of China), Busan (Republic of Korea)

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