Auckland (New Zealand)

  • Auckland is a great place to live. The city consistently ranks in the top five in Mercer's Quality of Living survey of the best cities in the world to live. For a major city, Auckland's natural environment is unsurpassed. Auckland is uniquely positioned on a narrow isthmus between the Waitemata and Manukau harbours, at the centre of a huge and varied marine park. Dozens of beaches, over 800 parks, native bush, the low Hunua Ranges, in the south east and the Waitakere Ranges in the west offer a superb combination of physical beauty and recreational opportunity. More than 50 dormant volcanoes dot the Auckland landscape. The largest, Rangitoto Island, is Auckland's most iconic natural feature.
  • The inner city waterfront is undergoing extensive revitalisation, linking people to the city and the sea. Redeveloped precincts such as Wynyard Quarter, Viaduct Harbour and Queens Wharf skillfully blend Auckland’s maritime history with the latest urban design and provide a seamless waterfront experience for Aucklanders and visitors alike.  
  • Auckland is New Zealand's largest city and the country's economic powerhouse. Accountable for one third of national GDP and paid employment, Auckland is home to more than 60% of New Zealand's top 200 companies.
  • Len Brown is the first mayor of the united Auckland, Australasia's largest territorial authority formed by the amalgamation of five city councils, two district councils and a regional council in 2010. He was elected on a platform of improving Auckland's transport system; quality compact urban design; innovative, high-value economic development; and building an inclusive culture in a city of 1.5 million and 180 ethnicities.
  • Mayor Brown has a vision for Auckland to be the world's most liveable city.  


  • 1,526,900 (2014) (Source: Infometrics)

Number of Households

  • 473,451 (2013) (Source: Statistics NZ)

Land Area

  • 4,894 km2 (2012)

Population Density

  • 1,300 /km2 (Auckland urban area only) (2014 est.) (Source: Statistics NZ)

Gross City Product per Industry

    • Primary Industry: 759 million NZD (1%)
    • Secondary Industry: 13,660 million NZD (18%)
    • Tertiary Industry (includes Quarternary and Other): 61,469 million NZD (81%)
    • (2014) (Source: Infometrics - Contribution to GDP by Broad Sector)
    • Industries with Largest Proportion of GDP:
    • 1. Manufacturing 8,348 million NZD (11%)
    • 2, Professional scientific and technical 7,058 million NZD (9.3%)
    • 3. Financial and insurance 6,526 million NZD (8.6%)
    • 4. Wholesale trade 6,147 million NZD (8.1%)
    • (2014) (Source: Infometrics - Industries: Proportion of GDP)

Number of Employees per Industry

    • Primary Industry: 7,639
    • Secondary Industry: 137,506
    • Tertiary Industry (includes Quarternary): 618,778
    • (2014) (Source: Infometrics - Contribution to Employment by Broad Sector) 

Annual Income per Capita

  • 58,120 NZD (2013) (Source: Infometrics - Mean Annual Earnings in Auckland)

Major Industries and Products

    • Priority sectors:
    • 1. Food and beverage
    • 2. Information and communications technology (ICT)
    • 3. Tourism, screen and digital content
    • 4. Construction and engineering
    • 5. High-value manufacturing
    • 6. Life sciences including health technology and biotechnology
    • 7. International education
    • 8. Marine
    • (2015) (Source: ATEED)
    • Top 4 Export by Industry:
    • 1. Dairy product manufacturing
    • 2. Rail, water, air and other transport
    • 3. Primary metal and metal product manufacturing
    • 4. Machinery and other equipment manufacturing
    • (2014) (Source: Infometrics - Exports by Industry)

Major Projects

Revenue of the city budget

  • 3.1 billion NZD (2013) (Source: Annual Plan 2013/14)

Number of City Employees

  • 8,441 equivalent full time staff (2014)

Sister Cities (Countries), etc.

    • 【Encompassing Sister Cities, Friendship Cities, Memorandums of Cooperation and Understanding】
    •  Busan (South Korea), Brisbane (Australia), the Cook Islands, Fukuoka (Japan), Galway (Ireland),
    •  Guangzhou (China), Hamburg (Germany), Kakogawa (Japan), Los Angeles (USA), Nadi (Fiji),
    •  Ningbo (China), Pohang (South Korea), Qingdao (China), Samoa, Shinagawa (Japan),
    •  Taichung (Taiwan), Tomioka (Japan), Tonga, Utsunomiya (Japan)
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