Pohang (Republic of Korea)

Pohang City has grown as a global steel city over the past half century, supporting the industrialization and modernization of South Korea. The City is now aiming for additional transformation and economic expansion by fostering small and medium enterprises and its logistics industry, and through the creation of good quality jobs. Pohang strives to be a city of happiness for its citizens, using the transformation and expansion of its economy as a stepping stone to a prosperous future full of happiness, beautiful nature and culture.
We believe that the opening of the KTX Pohang Line will help Pohang become an economic hub, opening up a new future for the era of the Japan Sea Rim, centred upon the Yeongil Bay Port.


  • 523,958 (2014)

Number of Households

  • 207,188 (2014)

Land Area

  • 1,129.86 km2 (2014)

Population Density

  • 458,08 persons / km2

Major Industries and Products

    advanced science, marine tourism, steel industry, etc. 

Major Projects

    job creation, fostering small and medium enterprises, marine tourism, logistics industry, etc. 

Revenue of the city budget

  • 1,443,559 million won

Number of City Employees

  • 2,000

Sister Cities (Countries), etc.

  • Asian-Pacific City Summit, Conference of Major Cities in the Japan Sea Rim Region, Rose Festival, Yangtze River Culture and Art Festival

Relevant Projects of APCS

    The 10th Asian-Pacific City Summit (2012)

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