Miyazaki (Japan)

Blessed with a mild climate throughout the year, Miyazaki City has developed into an internationally recognized tourist resort city, with scenic views of Aoshima and Nichinan coast as its main attractions.

Miyazaki is also known as the Land of Sports, attracting many visitors from across Japan and abroad, who enjoy watching training camps of Japanese and Korean professional baseball teams, the J-League, Japan's professional soccer league, and private sports clubs, as well as professional golf tournaments. 


  • 404,286 (2016)

Number of Households

  • 191,086 households (2016)

Land Area

  • 643.67 km2 (2016)

Population Density

  • 628 /km2 (2016)

Gross City Product per Industry

    • Primary Industry:       24,341 million yen
    • Secondary Industry: 132,659 million yen
    • Tertiary Industry:   1,094,586 million yen
    • (2012) 

Number of Employees per Industry

    • Primary Industry:       1,518
    • Secondary Industry: 24,725
    • Tertiary Industry:    149,754
    • (2012) 

Annual Income per Capita

  • 2,807 thousand yen (2013)

Major Industries and Products

    Wholesale&Retail, Medical&Welfare, Accommodation&Restaurant Services 

Major Projects

    The 400,000 People Scrum Project mobilizes all the citizens of Miyazaki to enhance the strengths in the following eight areas:
    health, human capital, community, disaster prevention, environment, branding, tourism, economy 

Revenue of the city budget

  • 159,980,507 thousand yen (2015)

Number of City Employees

  • 2,484 (2016)

Sister Cities (Countries), etc.

    • Sister Cities and Partner Cities
    • Virginia Beach City (USA), Waukegan City (USA), Boeun-gun (Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea), Huludao (Liaoning Province, China)
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