Kumamoto (Japan)

Kumamoto City, the capital of Kumamoto Prefecture, has inherited a great deal of traditional culture and historical legacies, such as Kumamoto Castle. The city is also known as the "home of the richest groundwater in Japan," where the drinking water for its 730,000 citizens is totally supplied by groundwater. Being a core city in the central Kyushu Island, its abundant nature, which gives Kumamoto the title "The City of Forest," is in harmony with urban function. The population of Kumamoto metropolitan area, which includes neighboring municipalities, exceeds one million. The city has established a comfortable and convenient living environment, with the accumulation of higher educational and medical institutions, as well as low cost of living and crime rate.  


  • 739,015 (2015)

Number of Households

  • 315,993 households (2015)

Land Area

  • 389.54km2 (2015)

Population Density

  • 1,897 /km2 (2015)

Gross City Product per Industry

    • Primary Industry: 25,589 million yen
    • Secondary Industry: 243,141 million yen
    • Tertiary Industry: 2,037,341 million yen
    •  (2011) 

Number of Employees per Industry

    • Primary Industry: 1,342
    • Secondary Industry: 43,596
    • Tertiary Industry: 263,542
    •  (2012) 

Annual Income per Capita

  • 2,719 thousand yen (2012)

Major Industries and Products

    Services, Agriculture, Fishery 

Major Projects

    • ○Key projects of city development
    • ・Building a city where all people can enjoy an active life, and have a dream and hope for the future
    • ・Building a city which protects, develops and passes on the blessings inherited from ancestors
    • ・Building a city where everyone can move around freely
    • ・Building a city with a hospitable climate that encourages various encounters 

Revenue of the city budget

  • 590.8 billion yen (2015)

Number of City Employees

  • 6,432 (2015)

Sister Cities (Countries), etc.

    • ○Sister Cities and Friendship Cities
    • Guilin City, Suzhou National New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (China), San Antonio City, Rome City (USA), Heidelberg City (Germany), Ulsan Metropolitan City (Korea), Aix-en-Provence City (France)
    • ○Inter-city Networks
    • Asian-Pacific City Summit, The Organization for the East Asia Economic Development, Tourism Promotion Organization for Asian-Pacific Cities

Relevant Projects of APCS

    • The 5th Asian-Pacific City Summit Working-Level Conference (2003)
    • The 11th Asian-Pacific City Summit (2013)
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