Kitakyushu (Japan)

Kitakyushu City is the northernmost city in Kyushu Island, facing the main island of Japan across the Kanmon Straits. As one of Japan's four largest industrial zones, the city has underpinned the modernization of Japan. While the city boasts of its world-class accumulation of environmental and industrial technologies, and well-developed urban infrastructure, such as an airport and a port, it is also blessed with abundant nature, such as long and beautiful coastlines and lush green mountains. Kitakyushu is also an international city with one million populations. With the aim to be "the city of environment and technology which nurtures people and culture and connects to the world," Kitakyushu has developed itself into a city where "people desire to live in and continue living in." 


  • 958,268 (2016)

Number of Households

  • 427,516 (2016)

Land Area

  • 491.95 km2 (2016)

Population Density

  • 1,948/ km2 (2016)

Gross City Product per Industry

    • Primary Industry: 8,806 million yen
    • Secondary Industry: 802,569 million yen
    • Tertiary Industry: 1,424,792 million yen
    • (2012)

Number of Employees per Industry

    • Primary Industry: 531
    • Secondary Industry: 97,331
    • Tertiary Industry: 342,741
    •  (2012) 

Annual Income per Capita

  • 2,922 thousand yen (2013)

Major Industries and Products

    Manufacturing (steel products, chemicals, ceramics, industrial robotics), Commerce 

Major Projects

    • ・Promoting competitive industry as well as creating abundant jobs.
    • ・Reinforcing the foundations for urban development and forming a base for international distribution
    • ・Citizens, businesses and the government working together to create the "Environmental Capital of the World".
    • ・Exchange and cooperation with the capitals of Asian nations and regional collaboration.

Revenue of the city budget

  • 1,245.1 billion yen (total budget) (2016)

Number of City Employees

  • 8,277 (2016)

Sister Cities (Countries), etc.

    • 【Sister and Friendship Cities】
    • Tacoma (USA), Norfolk (USA), Dalian (China),  Incheon Metropolitan City (Korea), Hai Phong (Vietnam), Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
    • 【Inter-city Networks】
    • The Organization for the East Asia Economic Development, Asian-Pacific City Summit

Relevant Projects of APCS

    The 7th Asian-Pacific City Summit Working-Level Conference (2007)

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