Shanghai (China)

Shanghai has a history of over 700 years. Since China started reform and opening-up in 1978, especially since the 1990s, Shanghai has been developing by leaps and bounds.

The city has a dynamic skyline and enjoys rapid economic and social progress. According to the latest master development plan, Shanghai aspires to become a modern metropolis and an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center by 2020.


  • 13,681,000 persons (2006)

Number of Households

  • 4,995,400 households (end of 2006)

Land Area

  • 6,340.5km2 (end of 2006)

Population Density

  • 2,157.7 perseons/km2 (end of 2006)

Gross City Product per Industry

    • Primary Industry: 1,234.2 million USD (0.9%)
    • Secondary Industry: 66,162.8 million USD (48.5%)
    • Tertiary Industry: 69,002.6 million USD (50.6%)
    • (end of 2006)

Number of Employees per Industry

    • Primary Industry: 0.4%
    • Secondary Industry: 46.0%
    • Tertiary Industry: 53.6%
    • (end of 2006)

Annual Income per Capita

  • 2,719.5 US dollar (urban) (end of 2006)

Major Industries and Products

    Electronic information, Automobile, Petrochemical, High-end steel, Machinery, Biomedical, New- and high-tech industries

Revenue of the city budget

  • Government fiscal revenue 21,057.5 million USD (end of 2006)

Number of City Employees

  • 7,522,600 persons (end of 2006)

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