Dalian (China)

Dalian City is located on the east coast of the Eurasian Continent at the southernmost point of the Liaodong Peninsula in Northeast China. It lies between the Yellow Sea to the east, the Bohai Sea to the west, and the Shandong Peninsula to the south across the sea. The vast Northeast China Plain lies to the north of the city. The city serves as a gateway to the sea, linking Northeast China, North China, East China, and the world, and is an important city for its port, as well as for trade, industry and tourism. Dalian has a wonderful natural environment, and the weather is relatively mild in both winter and summer. As Northeast China's window to the world, and as the biggest port city in the region, Dalian has won accolades as an International Garden City, the Best Tourism City of China, and the National Environmental Protection Exemplary City. As a leader among national Development Zones, Dalian's open-door structure promotes continued gradual liberalisation and integration.


  • 5,943,000 (2014)

Number of Households

  • 2,130,300 (2014)

Land Area

  • 12,573.85 km2 (2014)

Population Density

  • 473 /km2 (2014)

Gross City Product per Industry

    • Primary Industry: 44.18 billion RMB
    • Secondary Industry: 369.65 billion RMB
    • Tertiary Industry: 351.72 billion RMB
    • (2014) 

Annual Income per Capita

  • 33,591 RMB (2014)

Major Industries and Products

    Manufacturing, Modern agriculture, Modern service industry

Major Projects

    Construction of Jinpu New Area, Changxing Island Petrochemical Industry Park, Zhuanghe China-Japan-South Korea Circular Economy Demonstration Base

Revenue of the city budget

  • Fiscal Revenues: RMB 78.08 billion, Fiscal Expenditure: RMB 98.95 billion

Number of City Employees

  • 31,136

Sister Cities (Countries), etc.

    • Sister cities and friendship cities
    • Kitakyushu (Japan), Oakland (USA), Maizuru (Japan), Bremen (Germany), Le Havre (France), Glasgow (UK), Rostock (Germany), Vladivostok (Russia), Pointe-Noire (Congo)
    • Intercity cooperation and exchanges
    • Incheon (ROK), Houston (USA), Gwangyang (ROK), Jeju Province (ROK), Pyeongtaek (ROK), Adelaide (Australia), Ohrid (Macedonia), Genoa (Italy), Cienfuegos (Cuba), Bahia Blanca (Argentina), Chuncheon (ROK), La Paz (Bolivia), Los Angeles (USA), Riyeka (Croatia), Imari (Japan), Milan (Italy), Dallas (USA), Surin Province (Thailand), Pohang (ROK), Tomsk (Russia), Enschede (Netherlands), Ota-ku, Tokyo (Japan), Bergen (Norway), Wolfsburg (Germany), Kwangju (ROK) 

Relevant Projects of APCS

    The 8th Asian-Pacific City Summit (2008)

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